Welcome to Brand Joint! First, I want to introduce myself, because that's the proper thing to do. My name is Jennifer Culpepper and I am the Founder and Chief Creative of Brand Joint. For the past 20 years, I have designed and art directed award-winning logos, packaging, websites and implemented brand strategy for a wide variety of clients. From restaurants and breweries to nonprofits and consumer-focused companies, I embrace the challenge of learning about a company or product and designing an experience that is true to the brand and meaningful to the target audience.

As cannabis becomes increasingly legalized, I've been fascinated to see how new companies are branding and marketing their products. So, I decided to take a trip to Denver to the Cannabis Cup to see for myself. Wandering up and down the (smoke-filled) aisles, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of products related to consuming cannabis. What struck me even more were the vastly different types of people who were in attendance. For the most part, the design and branding was generalized towards a prototypical stoner.

I have seen some cannabusinesses and products that are very well designed; however as a whole, the industry has a ways to go. Brand Joint aims to elevate the industry by designing sophisticated brands for discerning cannabis enthusiasts. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against your old stoner roommate—you know the one that played hacky sack all day and was constantly eating your leftovers. But, I don't think that's truly representative of today's cannabis users.

I envision a (very realistic) future of cannabis aficionados. Just like fine wine, craft beer or gourmet food connoisseurs, cannabis users have sophisticated tastes and we want to help design the experience that goes along with high-quality products.

Our mission is simple: to change the perception of cannabis use and users by designing authentic brands for high-quality products and services. My team and I will help to identify your niche audience, understand what that they value, and design a unique brand experience that helps your cannabusiness stand apart from the competition, grow and succeed.

It is a unique opportunity and honor to be involved in the infancy of any industry— much less the fastest growing industry in the United States. Join us in our quest to help shape the face of cannabis from the beginning!