Odds are that you started your business with a specific goal in mind. Whether your mission is general or specific, articulating it and expressing it to the market-space is vital to growing your brand. Having a clear vision for your brand helps guide innovation, marketing, corporate culture, and overall brand reputation. A strong brand vision will help your business find its place in the community and set measurable goals for the brand's progress toward the vision. Although establishing your brand vision is a big deal, the process of discovering it can be made simple. In four easy steps, you can learn how to clarify your brand vision.

1) Imagine a world where your work is complete. It's time to close up shop because there's just nothing left for your brand to do. What would that look like for your business? A brand vision should be long-term but eventually attainable, with clear milestones along the way. It should inspire you, your team, and your customers on a daily basis while giving your business a sense of purpose. I+I Botanicals, for example, is a CBD skincare brand that designs products that are Good for the Body, Good for the Earth, and Good for the Soul. The two founders envisioned a world where everyone, especially women, implement moments of self-care and self-love into their routines every single day. Take a look at a few other examples below:

  • We envision a world where people can access affordable and customized healthcare.
  • We envision a world filled with creative expression, where every child has access to opportunities in the arts.
  • We envision an inclusive downtown area where everyone feels that they belong.
  • We envision a world where being sustainable is easier.

2) Next, outline the steps to creating this optimal world. These can be broad strokes. For example, shaping an inclusive downtown area would require adding accessibility options, supporting more diverse restaurants, and funding community events. Then, find places for your brand to fit into these steps. Perhaps your service was initially intended only to support diverse restaurants, but you could also organize community events targeted toward youths. Doing so would further your overall vision and establish your brand as a force of good in the community. As you can see, there are both big and small ways to progress your brand vision in both local and global arenas.

3) Write your origin story and include your vision. Why did you establish your business? What was the lightbulb moment that started it all? Craft a concise paragraph that weaves an almost-mythological tale about the origin of your company. Use this opportunity to flesh out your brand's voice and tone while informing the general public and your customers of your vision and values.

4) Start brainstorming vision-friendly ways to improve your product, target new markets, and innovate your advertising. Every step you take during the process of establishing and exploring your brand should reveal opportunities for innovation and on-brand expansion.

We hope these steps help you progress in shaping your brand vision. If you need some help, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to assist you.