It wouldn't be a proper Brand Joint summer without adding an extra desk to our studio and a crash course on the latest lingo sweeping college campuses nationwide. We're excited to welcome our summer Graphic Design intern, Anna Vallario to the Brand Joint team for the next few months!

Anna is an amazingly talented animator and designer pursuing her BFA in Motion Media Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her animation work is inspired by powerful, pigmented color schemes and interpretive motion graphics. This summer, Anna will work with our creative team to develop and design promotional and social media content for our dispensary clients, as well as Brand Joint, Crabcakes & Cannabis and our sister company, Peppermill Projects.

When she's not sketching or exploring new animation techniques, you can find Anna stalking people on Instagram, playing the melodica (we expect a mid-summer concert, Anna!), and shopping for records. Her outfits have remarkably matched our current project's color palette more than once, so we think she's fitting in just fine! Take a look at a quick animation she made on her first day to celebrate the start of a fun few month at Camp Brand Joint.