2018 was a great year for Brand Joint, and we're excited to announce that two of our logos and another from our sister company, Peppermill Projects, have been chosen for LogoLounge's Book 11! LogoLounge is a community of graphic designers from all over the world sharing their work, and a forum to discuss trends and draw inspiration. Each year, LogoLounge holds a global competition judged by an international panel of designers to choose the very best from nearly 40,000 logos. We are honored to have a total of three logos included in the top 2,500!

The first logo featured in Book 11 is an alternative design option to the client’s chosen logo for Alt Pharm, a medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland. Their dispensary radiates the perfect combination of science and nature and this logo option is reminiscent of classic apothecary with a delicate twist.

The second winning logo is for I + I, a brand of CBD-infused self-care products. “I and I” is a Rastafarian expression of the physical body and mind being one with the soul. The negative space between the two I's creates the "and" (+), which relates to the notion of becoming one with the body, soul, and Earth, much like the experience created by the brand's products.

Thank you to LogoLounge for the recognition, and stay tuned for more I + I updates and be sure to follow Brand Joint's Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our recent work!