Over the last year, the Brand Joint team has been insanely busy creating and designing our own brand of CBD-Infused Skin Care products — I + I Botanicals! We're excited to announce the official launch of I + I at this year's Women Grow Leadership Summit, June 7-8 in Washington, D.C!

I + I was founded by three women seeking to change the way we view our beauty and self-care routines. Our Founder and Chief Creative, Jennifer Culpepper began working with one of our amazing clients, Dr. Chanda Macias, a cell-biologist and owner of medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivations in Maryland, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania in 2016. Together, they saw first-hand the healing benefits of CBD and the potential for the plant. Raised in East Africa, Selam Kelati draws inspiration from effective natural remedies that her family weaved into daily life including cooking, medicine, and cosmetics. Selam brings her wealth of knowledge about herbal and homeopathic ingredients like moringa oil and prickly pear seed oil to the table.

As we developed the products and discovered our brand story, our brand was built upon three guiding principles — good for the body, good for the Earth, good for the soul. As busy working moms themselves, I + I's Founders identified the need for effortless, trustworthy products that fit within demanding lifestyles and offer moments of self-love and care. Each formulation is intentionally designed with only good ingredients. The I + I team spent countless hours researching and responsibly sourcing every ingredient, including lab-testing the CBD. Additionally, care was taken to ensure the packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, using recycled and recyclable materials, and designing boxes that ship flat to lessen the carbon foot print of shipping.

Creating a name is always a challenging part of any brand development process. This was no different. We wanted to find the perfect name to  encompassed our story — who we are and what we stand for. "I and I" is a Rastafarian term that is often used in place of "you and me" or "we." I + I is the representation of One Love, which means that because we (I and I) are the same, we should love one another like we love our own self. The best way to embody the I + I spirit is to show kindness toward yourself and others. I + I products are designed to give women (and men) daily moments of self-care and self-love.

The best way to embody the I + I spirit is to show kindness toward yourself. I + I products are designed to give women (and men) daily moments of self-care and self-love, like a long, uninterrupted bath or taking a few minutes before bed to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

After nearly a year of researching, building our brand foundation, developing and testing formulations, designing and prototyping the packaging, and prepping our displays, it's finally time for our product to hit store shelves! We're thrilled to release 3 new products: CBD-Infused Face Serum, CBD-Infused Dry Body Oil, and CBD Bath Teas next week at the Washington Court Hotel.

Check back on the blog next week to get a glimpse into the I + I packaging process and how the Brand Joint team brushed up on our watercolor painting skills!