Brand Joint is excited to have two talented interns join our team this summer! This year, we've expanded our Summer Intern Program to include both Graphic Design & Copywriting opportunities. Rebekah Brewer, our Graphic Design intern and Asa Goldstein, our Copywriting intern will work with our creative team to develop and design promotional and social media content for our dispensary clients, as well as Brand Joint & Crabcakes & Cannabis. We're feeling exceptionally inspired with two passionate, hardworking students on board for the next few months! 

Rebekah Brewer studies Graphic Design at Towson University and is calling our Annapolis-based office home three days a week. She's eager to learn new skills from our Graphic Designers and doesn't hesitate to help out with any task, no matter how small (she's a professional shirt roller, by the way)! Drawing was her first love, but typography stole her heart. At Brand Joint, she'll love both. Rebekah is inspired by the power of design in the industry as cannabis becomes more visually branded — changing the way society views alternative healthcare. When she isn't behind a computer, you can find her caring for her houseplants, climbing rocks, or snacking like an all-star.

Asa Goldstein, a Strategic Communications major at North Carolina's Elon University, acts as our Copywriting intern working remotely from his home state of Minnesota. In the last few weeks, he's been busy researching and writing a series of educational blogs for our clients. Asa believes that cannabis is a unique catalyst for mental, physical and spiritual health, and is excited to rise his interests and passions during his time at Brand Joint. In his free time, Asa enjoys performing and producing eclectic acoustic music, filmmaking, animation and screenwriting. We're bummed we don't get to experience his vibrant personality in person, but we're lucky to have such a talented, creative powerhouse on our team for the next few months!