One of our main goals at Brand Joint is to elevate the stoner stigma of cannabis use. You might be thinking, there's no way! But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day...

As a branding and design company, we think it's important to interact on social media with the market: cannabusinesses and cannabis enthusiasts. Social media platforms are a great tool to get to know your target audience. Instagram, of course is a social media tool that many businesses and brands utilize to share beautiful pictures of their products with a fan base. Instagram allows people from around the world to come together to not only "double tap" photos, but to share their love for a particular product or interest. So, it's no surprise Instagram is flooded with marijuana consumers

From our observations, many cannabusinesses are catering to the stereotypical stoner via Instagram posts. Instead of highlighting their products, beautiful strains for sale, or infused-goods and the kitchen they were made in, we're offered overused memes, NSFW portraits of "hot weed babes," and quotes about "getting high af."

So, what's the problem exactly? As an emerging industry, we already face struggles of being viewed professionally. Posting a meme of a red-eyed adult covered in Cheetos crumbs with the caption "that moment when you run out of munchies" for your medical edible company doesn't bode well for changing the perceptions of cannabis use and users.

Instagram is a free tool to visually express your brand and its core values. By proactively making your social media posts true to your brand, highlighting what you do (or sell) and the experience you're promoting, you can distance yourself from the stoner stigma. In return, the industry as a whole will be viewed more positively.