Summer is in full swing and we're busy bees here at the Brand Joint studio! After a hectic June filled with exhibits and speaking engagements at the Women Grow Leadership Summit in D.C. and MJBizConNEXT in New Orleans, our team is back behind our computers to help bring our clients' brands to life! 

A few weeks ago we welcomed our Graphic Design intern, Anna Vallario, who will be lending her amazing animation skills to our creative team this summer. She's already helping us out with a new Brand Joint promotional video and some social media content for our dispensary clients. 

In a few weeks, Jenn will be hitting the road again — this time to San Jose for the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, July 22-24. You can catch her on the panel, "How to Develop Hemp Products That Appeal to Mainstream Consumers" on Tuesday the 23rd, where she'll be joining Chanda Macias (CEO of National Holistic Healing Center), Fleesie A. Hubbard (Founder of FiveTen Wellness), Marvina Thomas (CEO & Founder of 420 Skincare), and Jessica Velazquez (Managing Partner & Founder of Indiva Advisors).

Catching Up With Clients

There's always something going on at Charm City Medicus, especially on the weekends. Twice a month, this Baltimore dispensary celebrates "New Strain Sunday, where they offer a new strain at a discounted price. To stay compliant with advertising regulations and keep out of "Facebook jail," we design bright, quirky imagery to represent the new strains. Take a look at last week's addition below. This week, they're serving up some sparktacular 4th of July specials, so check them out if you're in the area. 

Last year, our packaging design for Maryland-native, Prime Extracts, won Best Branding by LeafLink. Less than a year later, Prime is now ready to expand their product line and we're trilled to jump back into packaging mode! For the next several weeks, you can find our team strategizing, researching, moodboarding, and digging through container samples to create beautiful solutions that will hit Maryland shelves this fall. 

Needless to say, we've been working up a sweat this summer. We're thankful for a long 4th of July weekend for a little bit of fun and a lot of rest and relaxation. Be sure to check back on the blog every few weeks to see what we're up to next!