National Holistic Healing Center

Medical Dispensary • Washington, DC

Like many dispensaries, National Holistic Healing Center opened quickly before they were able to fully develop and implement their brand. Before we began designing any visual elements of the rebrand, we researched the market and held a Brand Discovery workshop with the partners at National Holistic. We focused on defining the target audience and developing the appropriate messaging that speaks directly to their patients. 


Instead of completely redesigning their logo, we did a logo “refresh." We kept the original leaf, as it helps communicate the message: “treat yourself with nature." The new logo uses a more modern, clean typeface to make the logo feel more contemporary. “Holistic" and “Healing," are bolded to emphasize those important aspects of the National Holistic brand.


Packaging Design

Before the rebrand, National Holistic used generic amber medicine bottles and plain brown paper bags for their product packaging. We incorporated natural, earthy color papers on the labels and chose dark gray bottles for contrast, as well as opacity. The label now contains strain information, so patients are well-informed when at home. The pop-top bottles are still child-resistant, but easier to open than the typical press-and-turn childproof bottle. This makes it easier for older patients or those that may suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis.



Brand Joint has partnered with Dream House Studios to provide interior design for dispensaries. Like any retail store or doctor's office, the interior space is a crucial element of the entire brand experience.

We created large panels to adorn one of the walls of the interior of National Holistic’s dispensary, which is located in the basement level of a building. The panels not only serve as a beautiful feature in the reception area, but tells the brand story of National Holistic Healing Center.