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9 Cannabis Advocates You Need To Know As You Celebrate 420
The beloved cannabis holiday falls on April 20th, aka 420, and you can find enthusiasts surrounded by smoke on this celebratory event across the country. The meaning behind 420 can get kind of hazy (no, it's not the police code for illegal consumption), but as legalization continues to spread across the United States, it's important to honor those that have allowed us to celebrate this commemorative day. Below you'll find 9 cannabis advocates that fought ...
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Brand Joint Seeks Two Summer Interns!
It's that time again — we're searching for two summer interns to help us out with content creation, graphic design and branding projects for our cannabis clients and Brand Joint projects! Each semester, Brand Joint (and our sister company Peppermill Projects), seeks out summer interns who are outgoing, passionate about design, and looking for real-world branding experience. This year we are seeking out two interns: a Graphic Designer and Copywriter. As a Brand Joint intern, ...
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