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Creating Brand Experiences That Surprise and Delight
Think of a time when you had an incredible experience with a brand. Perhaps the product shocked and inspired you with its ease-of-use, or a service blew you away with its personalization and concern for you as an individual customer. You probably told your like-minded friends about this experience, recommended the company to family members, and you found yourself becoming a loyalist. It feels good to promote a brand you love, doesn’t it? As a ...
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Humanizing your Consumer: A Guide to Psychographics
Consumers aren’t just their age, race, gender, or location. While this may seem obvious, many brands don’t consider other aspects of their customers’ lives when planning their marketing. Consumers are more than numbers and statistics— they are humans with goals and unique interests. Marketers use the term psychographics rather than traditional demographics to describe this category of data. At Brand Joint, we prefer to use the term ‘humans’ rather than ‘consumers’ or ‘psychographics’ to remind ourselves that we are ...
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