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Humanizing your Consumer: A Guide to Psychographics
Consumers aren’t just their age, race, gender, or location. While this may seem obvious, many brands don’t consider other aspects of their customers’ lives when planning their marketing. Consumers are more than numbers and statistics— they are humans with goals and unique interests. Marketers use the term psychographics rather than traditional demographics to describe this category of data. At Brand Joint, we prefer to use the term ‘humans’ rather than ‘consumers’ or ‘psychographics’ to remind ourselves that we are ...
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4 Steps to Clarifying Your Brand Vision
Odds are that you started your business with a specific goal in mind. Whether your mission is general or specific, articulating it and expressing it to the market-space is vital to growing your brand. Having a clear vision for your brand helps guide innovation, marketing, corporate culture, and overall brand reputation. A strong brand vision will help your business find its place in the community and set measurable goals for the brand's progress toward the ...
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