A few weeks ago, we returned home to Annapolis after an exciting week of inspirational talks and events at the Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver. Jenn led the "Parenting in the Cannabis Industry" panel and the discussion was a huge success. Panelists shared their own experiences and challenges with a room of parents. Some moms (from states where adult-use is legal) felt it best to model responsible consumption, while others felt more comfortable hiding it from their children. There was general consensus around talking honestly to kids, while keeping it age-appropriate. 

Based on the feedback from the panel discussion and the apparent need for a supportive parenting group, we created the Parent Cannabis Association (PCA). The PCA is a judgement-free space for parents who work in the cannabis industry, parents who consume cannabis and parents who medicate their children with cannabis. We share information, personal stories and support one another. 

To protect the privacy of our members, the PCA is a closed Facebook group. To join the conversation, you can request to join the PCA here. All parents are welcome! You can also read more information and find us at upcoming events at ParentCannabis.com