CANNABIS-infused product line • brand development + Packaging

 Ananda, meaning bliss or extreme happiness, is a line of cannabis-infused products. Targeted to 35-45 year old women, this product line provides a discreet cannabis experience offering relaxation, rejuvenation and pain relief. The packaging design is luxurious, sophisticated and resembles high-end beauty products.


Logo Design


The logo design avoids using the cliché pot leaf in order to appeal to a more mainstream audience who may prefer a more discrete cannabis product and experience. The logo is very clean, geometric and uses open triangles in place of the A’s. The triangle symbolizes THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active chemical found in cannabis. The open letters reflect the open-mindedness of the company and its consumers.



Ananda Tinctures are packaged in white (opaque) ceramic droppers. There are a variety of strains offering different experiences for the consumer. The ratio of CBD to THC are clearly marked on the front of every package. Each package uses icons made of the letters from the Ananda logo to symbolize the strain. Despite the large amount state-required information displayed on the packaging, the dropper and box designs are clean and minimal.