prime extracts

dispensary brand design

Prime Extracts is a brand of refined medical cannabis concentrates that is leading the way in Maryland’s market. The brand’s name is exemplified by their extraction methods and process, as their strains are distilled down to their prime component, resulting in clean, quality concentrates. 

Using prime numbers and shapes, we designed a minimalist logo that references the concentrates Prime produces. The clean, bold and vibrant packaging stands apart on crowded shelves and helps to communicate its high-quality content.

The color-coded system allows patients to easily identify the proper strain type, even when the product has been removed from the packaging. Lab test results are thoughtfully designed on package inserts and serve as an educational tool to help patients utilize terpene and cannabinoid profiles found in their formulated strains.

Humble Brag: Awarded Best Branding by Leaf Link, 2018


scope of work.

  • brand discovery
  • logo design
  • identity design
  • marketing collateral
  • packaging design
  • marketing strategy
  • event planning + logistics
  • social media content creation
  • social media management

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