At Brand Joint, our services are completely customizable to your needs. We'll work with you wherever your business fits on this spectrum and help you grow to the next level.  


Your brand is the cumulative experience a customer has with your product, dispensary or service. During this phase of our design process, we create the roadmap for your brand. Together, we spend time getting to know your brand, goals, competitors and target audience — the tighter your focus, the stronger your brand. Knowing your customers and what they value (in addition to legal marijuana) helps us find the appropriate voice, tone and imagery for your cannabusiness. Before we begin designing any project, we go through the Brand Discovery Phase, where we ask you questions, do our research and create the strategy for your brand. 


While a logo is not a brand, it is a crucial element. When done right, you logo becomes the shortcut to your brand — evoking its true essence. The unique concepts for our logos are based on what we learn during the Discovery Phase. We spend time brainstorming, sketching and working through lots of concepts before we narrow them down to show you several different options.

Packaging Design

Good packaging acts as your "salesman on the shelf." Great packaging creates an experience for the customer — resulting in brand loyalty and enthusiastic fans. As specialists in designing for the cannabis industry, we strive to ensure your packaging protects your product from the elements, is child-resistant and complies with state regulations. We take what we've learned from Brand Discovery and communicate your brand's promise through packaging design, whether it's sustainable and eco-friendly, or easier to open and read for elderly patients. We learn all of the specific functional needs before designing a package that stands apart on the shelves and leaves a lasting impression with your customer.

Website Design

In today's digital world, your website is one of the most important sales tools in your arsenal. A well-designed and user-friendly website is one of the best investments you can make in your company. When potential customers come to your site, it should be easy for them to find what they need. Brand Joint specializes in designing websites that are clean, easy to navigate and deliver the appropriate message in the right voice to consumers. In addition, websites are optimized for search engines (SEO) and designed to convert views to sales.


It's important for your physical environment to embody your brand essence. Brand Joint partners with interior design firm, Dream House Studios to define and then create the perfect experience for your consumer. Together, we bring you brand to life and ensure your interior space is properly communicating your brand and its messaging. 

Additional Services 

After we fully understand your brand, Brand Joint is poised to creatively design all the additional items that communicate with your customer. The more attention paid to small design details, the greater the impact on your customers' experience. To maximize the efficacy of your brand, all materials should have a consistent look and feel. They don't necessarily have to look exactly the same, but every piece needs to communicate the same message that is specific to your brand. Additional services include: 

  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Content Creation 
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Print Collateral (brochures, postcards, direct mailings) 
  • Event Collateral (invitations, signage, promotional giveaways)

Once we've designed your brand, we think of ourselves as your partners. We keep in touch and are there when you need us. Whether you retain us for on-going design work, or check-in every so often for a new project or strategic advice, Brand Joint's got your back!