On August 20th, the Brand Joint team attended the B.U.D. Summit in Washington D.C., a cannabis conference and exhibition open to cannabis entrepreneurs, activists and enthusiasts. The Business, Understanding, & Development Summit (B.U.D Summit) formed as an effort to facilitate business innovation and education for the cannabis industry on the East Coast. Along with multiple vendors and booths, the Summit offered professional insight from an array of speakers to the opportunities and progress in cannabusiness, science, medicine and technology.

Brand Joint's Founder Jennifer Culpepper joined the "Technology" panel to speak on branding and marketing in the cannabis industry. As the cannabis market becomes increasingly crowded, companies who invest in developing strong brands will have a competitive edge. Jenn discussed the process of branding, the importance of strong design and why understanding your target audience is crucial to the success of a particular business or product. Jenn focused on the significance of creating authentic experiences for various cannabis consumer segments, such as the Health and Wellness yoga moms, Millennial males, and Baby Boomer patients.

It was a great Saturday afternoon in D.C. meeting with industry friends, partners and new cannabis entrepreneurs. We were happy to have been a part of the first ever B.U.D. Summit and look forward to more speaking engagements in the near future!