As the mother of two elementary school-age children, I struggle with how to explain to my kids what I do for a living. They understand the branding and design part (sort of), but I haven't explained the cannabis part yet. I need some advice.

In this time of quickly changing laws and public perception, what is the best way to talk to kids about marijuana? How do I explain that marijuana is a medicine that is also used recreationally (often illegally) while discouraging them from experimenting themselves?

At Brand Joint, we believe how industry partners frame this conversation with their children can set an example for how cannabis consumers can address this important issue in their own homes. The ability to have an open dialogue about cannabis is an important step to elevate and overcome the “stoner stigma” of cannabis users.

With state legalization on the rise, playing the "This is your brain on drugs" commercial just doesn't cut it anymore. I want my children to understand the facts and my opinions about marijuana.

  • Fact: It is medicine that helps many people cope with illnesses of all types.
  • My opinion: It's acceptable (and in some states, legal) for adults to consume cannabis responsibly the same way it is to drink a glass of wine or beer after work.

So, how exactly should parents talk to their children about cannabis? If you were reading this article expecting me to give you the answers, I don't have them... at least not yet! Recently, I started reaching out to industry partners and friends for advice on how to have "the drug talk" with my own children. We created a survey for Brand Joint to hear your stories. We hope to publish the results and create a resource for cannabis consuming parents.

With your help, we can ensure our children are well-educated and informed about cannabis use, its purposes, and why its legality creates a debate in the United States. I encourage you to be a part of this much needed resource.

Please leave comments below, or better yet, take the survey and be part of the conversation.

Thank you!