This morning, Brand Joint's Founder, Jennifer Culpepper was featured on the front page of the Metro page in the Washington Post. The article, "Moms in pot business wonder what to tell kids," discusses the unique challenges parents face in the cannabis industry. 4 cannabusiness women in the Washington, D.C. area, including Jenn, were interviewed.

For Jenn in particular, learning to talk to her 7 and 9-year old children about cannabis use gets a bit complicated.  She believes cannabis has numerous benefits for many groups of people medicinally and believes responsible adult-use should also be legal. However, she wants her children to understand that it's not okay to consume until they are adults.

“For me, my challenge with my kids is everything is black and white with them, nothing is gray,” Culpepper said. “Everything is good or bad. There is a lot of gray area here.”

The full article is available online. How do you talk to your children about cannabis? Share your thoughts in the comments below!