Last week we announced some exciting news for Brand Joint — we are now offering interior design services for our clients, particularly dispensaries. By teaming up with Dream House Studios, we are able to offer dispensaries a collaborative design approach that results in a consistent brand experience.

For dispensaries in particular, the interior space is a crucial element of the brand experience. Branding does not end once a logo is designed, when the business cards are printed, or a website goes life. Your brand is a living, breathing entity that provides a particular experience and evokes emotion from your consumers. That's why it's so important for dispensaries to care about branding and design — especially when it comes to their interior space. Ask yourself, "what is the experience I want to provide for my customers and patients. What do I want them to feel the moment they step in the door?"

If you walk into the various dispensaries in Colorado or California (we have!), you'll notice that there is not a cookie cutter blueprint for the interior design. Some dispensaries look similar to a spa retreat, while others look like yoga studios. One dispensary might remind you of your local pharmacy, while another looks exactly like an Apple store, complete with iPads on the countertops. The point is, these dispensaries look and feel different because their brand experiences are different. Dispensaries have determined who their target audience is, is not, and how they want to communicate with that particular audience.

Your brand identity must be consistent through all aspects of your company. Apple is a great example of a design-driven company. We all know their phones and computers are sleek, clean, minimal and have the distinctive white, silver and black finishes. When you walk into the Apple store, all of the brand's design elements are immediately recognizable in the physical space. Anyone that owns an Apple product would be able to realize they were standing in an Apple store, even without signs or logos. Why? Because Apple understands their interior design is an extension of their product design — that consistency and attention are integral in creating a positive, cohesive customer experience.

For dispensaries, you're not just providing a product, but an entire consumer experience. Is your mission to provide health and wellness to Baby Boomer patients with various ailments? Relaxation to overworked moms? The latest and greatest cannabis products to Millennial males? Your dispensary doesn't necessarily have to serve only one customer segment, but you must have a strong brand foundation and understanding of who and what you are as a brand. Only once you've developed your brand strategy can you begin the design process — all the way from logo to interior design.