With over 20 years of branding and design experience, we still understand the feeling of jumping into the unknown and starting a business in an increasingly competitive market. We couldn't think of a better way to start our own business venture than by helping other like-minded entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With a brand new industry, it's easy to look around and say "What am I doing? What am I SUPPOSED to be doing?"

So, what exactly is the "Win A Brand" contest and how can it help your cannabusiness?

Our "Win A Brand" contest offers cannabusinesses the chance to not only win logo and packaging design, but also Brand Strategy. It's easy to get caught up in the cosmetic details of logo or product packaging—everybody wants to look good. But if you haven't done the foundation work to understand the essence of your brand, then your design might not be communicating a message that resonates with your ideal customer.

Brand Joint is excited to "pay it forward" by helping a lucky cannabusiness discover their brand, develop the strategy to communicate their message, and design an amazing logo and product package to take their cannabusiness to the next level.

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