On April 20th, we announced our "Win A Brand" winner, Washington, DC dispensary, National Holistic Healing Center. Since then, we've been hard at work stategizing the rebrand, starting with a Brand Discovery workshop. The workshop with National Holistic Healing Center focused on defining the target audience and appropriate messaging, as well as digging deep to the brand's foundation to build upon their mission, vision and promise.

After our workshop, we began designing the visual aspects of the brand, starting with the logo. We kept the original leaf, as it helps communicates the message of "treating yourself with nature." However, we used a more modern, clean typeface to give the logo a contemporary feel. By bolding "holistic" and "healing," we emphasize those important aspects of the National Holistic brand.

Our next step in the rebranding process was designing new packaging for National Holistic. We strongly believe dispensaries should be promoting their own brand on their packaging instead of relying on the cultivators to provide theirs. Before "Win A Brand," National Holistic was using generic amber medicine bottles and plain brown paper lunch bags for product packaging. Below you'll see the transformation:

We incorporated natural, earthy colors for the labels to express National Holistic's message of "treating yourself with nature." We chose dark gray bottles to contrast the labels, and made sure they were still fairly opaque. The label now contains strain information, so patients are well-informed at home. The pop-top bottles are still child-resistant, but easier to open than the typical press-and-turn childproof bottle. This makes it easier for older patients or those that may suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis. It also adds ease to the job of pre-packing in the dispensary.