Hello, from Denver!

This week I'm attending the Women Grow Leadership Conference. In just under 24 hours I've met some incredible women and men that are truly passionate about their careers. As I'm surrounded by so many like-minded entrepreneurs, I feel inspired and thankful to do what I love — help cannabis companies compete (and grow) in this competitive market by developing unique brand strategy and smart design necessary for success.

Tomorrow, February 3rd, I will be leading the discussion for the "Parenting in the Cannabis Industry" panel with my fellow cannabis entrepreneurs Leah Heise (CEO Women Grow), Carrie Kirk (Cannaline) and Chanda Macias (Owner of National Holistic Healing Center). Last week we were interviewed by CBS This Morning on the unique challenges we face as parents in this cannabis industry.

When I showed the CBS This Morning segment to my children, I was surprised they didn’t have any questions. I was hoping that this would have been an opportunity to start a conversation about marijuana and my role in the industry. As it turns out, they were more concerned with how many times I mentioned them in the interview! I didn't want to press a conversation they weren't interested in having, so for now, they remain blissfully unaware. However, I do feel the pressure of a timeline as they grow up and get closer to middle school. I know that I need to educate my children about cannabis and explain why it's still controversial.

I don't know just want to say exactly, but I often reach out to other industry moms (and dads) to share thoughts, opinions and strategies on how to frame the conversation. What do you think is the best way to talk to kids about marijuana? How do you explain that cannabis is both a medicine that can be very beneficial, but is also used recreationally (both legally and illegally, depending on where you live)? Do you consume cannabis openly, modeling responsible use (as with alcohol) or do you hide it from your children? How do you discourage children from experimenting with marijuana while simultaneously explaining that it's not that dangerous?

Tomorrow's panel will be the start of a much needed discussion in this industry. With your help, we can ensure our children are well-educated and informed about cannabis use, its purposes, and why its legality creates a debate in the United States.

Do you have any advice you'd like to offer? Questions for the panel? Sound off in the comment section! Your feedback is appreciated!